NEW LIFE: Chapter Two

Chapter Two

I don’t understand what the old coot is up to. Doesn’t he realize this little endeavor of his is going to cost us twelve thousand? And he won’t even let us into the fucking production house to see what the hell he’s cooking up.”

Jerry, look at it this way. Everyone thought he was crazy at first when he started with the monkey business. Look how well that turned out. He damn well lined your pockets with cash and enough credits to buy three houses! Give him a break.”

The two men had been arguing over breakfast. Not only was the coffee cold, but also were the unfinished eggs. Not that either of them liked the synthetic eggs anyway. Especially at the Delhouse Diner.

What the hell, is this decaf? It tastes like Decaf!” Jerry swung his head around, looking for the waitress with the big hips and blonde hair that served their table. He saw her out chatting near the big brute of a cook.

She wasn’t much of a pretty thing. Her eyes had been altered to a green which didn’t take completely; giving them an almost split pea look. Her hair was long and greasy, and her nose seemed permanently stuck up in a rather bitter attitude.

Will you relax? You probably need decaf anyway. Though not sure how you could tell with this stuff.” Christian looked into the white cup at the brown liquid that seemed opaque as tar. “Why is everything synthetic these days? What happened to a good old cup of Joe?”

Joe got canned. It’s cheaper and easier to go synthetic. Anyway, back to business. What are we going to do about Don?” Jerry gave up his futile attempt to signal the waitress and resorted to chewing down a few stale biscuits.

The Delhouse Diner; a dying breed of low quality, old-fashioned fast food joints in the area. If it wasn’t for the notorious habit of businessmen being rather cheap and clingy to their cash they wouldn’t even be in business. Condemned with the likes of Taco Bell, Fast Eddies, and of course Burger King.

Nothing we can do really. They gave him the grant money so he must have something impressive. We’ll wait till he’s ready to show us. Meanwhile we still have to look at hiring someone to handle the repair work while he’s off overseeing this project.” Chris moved his coffee aside, sick of the bitter taste and instead sipped at the glass of ice water. That was the only thing he secretly hoped was synthetic.

For a while they both sat there in silence. Jerry, the louder of the two obviously still disgruntled about the whole situation. The sweat from his forehead beading around his creeping hairline.

Chris seemed almost his son in appearance. Younger and well kept. He even had less frown lines and wrinkles. He even dressed younger and more appealing in a matte black business suite with soft blue shirt and silver tie. Jerry on the other hand was in a tan and bland sports jacket and white shirt, topped off with a gaudy stripe of a tie.

Excuse me, gentlemen?” A woman well dressed in a dark green business outfit and thin-framed glasses, an attire to put them both to shame, stood to the side of their table. Her legs were long and fitted nicely into the color of mocha pantyhose.

Can’t you see we’re a little busy?” Jerry grumbled before taking a long look at her. “Then again, you are a pretty little thing aren’t you?”

Please, don’t flatter me…” the sarcasm in her voice was rather refreshing as she set down a small briefcase, pushing away the cold eggs and almost toppling the sugar bowl into Jerry’s lap. God knew he needed it. “I’m with the stockholders. I’m the new financial adviser and attorney.”

They got a lawyer? When did they get a lawyer?” Chris looked at her with raised brow. Although he wasn’t sure why, the hairs at the back of his neck started to stand at attention.

They always had a lawyer. You just weren’t doing anything until now important enough for them to send me.”

Both men looked at each other, seemingly with the same concern ringing in their minds. The funds. The grants. Maybe they were getting cut off, however why would they send a lawyer for that? Normally it was just a pointed letter and then the bank accounts decreasing as everyone and their dogs pulled out of stocks and sold off their inventory.

She stood there looking at the two for a few minutes, expecting either one to actually say something. When nothing was said she took matters into her own hands and cleared her throat.

Anyway… I’m going to be around for a few months. Checking on current projects, and on business practices. You will give me clearance on these areas?”

Jerry nodded his balding head quickly. The sweat was gathering more and threatening to slink down into his bulgy eyes. One word seemed to be written across his face. Lawsuit.

Good. Here is all the necessary paperwork from the Stock-holders as well as your annual funds.” She dropped a clean tan file down, brimming with the boring reports and tax information. It looked quite similar to Jerry actually.

I expect you to have my clearance badge and paperwork released to me sometime tomorrow?” She was already pulling the briefcase off the table, and already assuming the answer.

Er.. yeah sure. Sure.” Jerry waved a hand and shuffled through the papers quickly. Stubby fingers searching for any mention of her.

Umm Miss? What’s your name anyway?” Chris bleated out as he again pushed his discarded coffee away from him and fixed the table up the way they had it before her appearance.

Jamie Sidler. Good day gentleman.” She didn’t turn to look at him as she said it. Simply walked away from them with the loud click of heels across the tiled floor. Her pace was quick, efficient. Just like everything about her had seemed.

Jamie? Sounds to me like a god-damn butch.” Jerry sneered when the tinkling of bells wired on the top of the Delhouse Diner door finally stopped.

What in the world was that all about?”

Who knows Christian, but we got the paperwork.” Jerry’s finger smudges were marring the light brown of the file folder. “No stupid lawyer is going to interfere with things. We’ll show her around, give her the pony-ride till she gets bored and gets a real job.”

Chris grabbed his jacket and slipped out of the booth tossing a few credits and cash onto the table before sliding his arms into the soft confides of his coat.

Where you off to?” Jerry looked at the cash, trying to count out if he was paying for his own meal, or both of theirs. In typical Chris style, there was enough to cover both meals and a decent tip.

Work. You know that thing we are supposed to do when we get to the office?”

Work is overrated.” The other chuckled as he too grabbed his coat and took the hint. “Okay okay, I’m coming.”

Don’t forget the file!” Chris called back as he held the door open watching the other man grunt and groan.

I won’t forget the god-damn file!” He called back as he was already turning and heading back to the table to grab it. “Some days I wish we didn’t need any stock-holders. A bunch of pains in my ass.”

Chris let Jerry out the door first and had enough time to smile and nod at the waitress, “Thanks for the meal Janet, take care of yourself.”

She smiled back, with the slightest of blush forming. Her dark green eyes seemed to sparkle a little bit with the compliment from her best customer.

Sorry about his decaf.” She started with a bit of a grin. “Really, it’s just he’s so rude! My word he seemed to think this is the Silverhorn or something!”

Don’t apologize. If I was in your position, I likely would have done worse…” He winked at her.

He always enjoyed the atmosphere here, even though the food had a lot to be desired. If he could, he would tip them both more then he did. Just to make sure the small diner remained open.

He didn’t have time to socialize right now however, and forced himself to say goodbye and leave before Jerry could yell at him to catch up.

Both men walked side by side, chatting loudly about local news and business finances. She watched them walk down the business district to their offices in the New Life Towers.

She had seen it before once, while taking the long way to work. It was huge, tall and seemed made mostly of a composite glass that was tinted. She wondered what the view was inside and just how much they could see from up there without the worry of others peering in and being able to see them at their most private.

A giant tower made of almost all glass. Perhaps Chris would be able to see the diner from up there as well. Or even the stars, a very rare thing anymore to see under the haze of the city fog.

It’s funny ain’t it Bear?” She leaned on the counter and watched them disappear into the fog and a bend up past the first block. “The company must have over a thousand employees for paperwork and all the little things. But those two men seem to think it’s all theirs.”

The big man grinned as he carefully washed out a few of the glasses. Setting them back into the cabinet to his right.

Makes ya glad its just you an’ me don’t it Janet?” He threw her a flashy grin that she adored. His grin could make all the Jerry’s in the world fade away.

Sure the hell does.” She laughed before tossing another towel at his head. “I don’t think I could deal with anymore then you. And I certainly couldn’t be like one of those suits… hardly any of them are even tolerable. I could never imagine living like that.”

That makes two of us.” They both glanced outside, towards the haze of fog, pollution, and the looming sky towers.


NEW LIFE: Chapter One


(Just a warning, this is a MATURE story due to some crass language, and violence depicted. Please be advised. Story, characters, places is  (c) Michelle Bond, 2006 reprint 2009  – published again online 2016. No portion of this story is to be redistributed or reproduced, in any part, without strict permission. Thank you and enjoy!)


life (lf)
n. pl. lives (lvz)

The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli or adaptation to the environment originating from within the organism.

He had created life. Or at least the closest fabricated form of it yet, and it mocked him. It insulted him at every fiber of his being knowing just what his creation was.

A toy. A pathetic little plaything to replace puppies and kittens that were more easily broken, and less easily house trained. Just another thing for parents to get their kids and throw away when the child was old enough to not care anymore.

It seemed a horrid use of his time and effort, yet he was bound to them now. It was he alone who held the patent; the small piece of paper and legal documentation that told him the mechanical and fake furred covered things in front of him was his. That those huge eyes that stared unblinking down into his core was the sum of his entire life’s work.

Fucking monkeys…” He growled to himself inwardly. “This ruined my life.”

He reached over and gripped the small furry head, lifting the mechanical toy up into his lap and looking it over. It was broken of course; they all were when they came back to him.

I’m nothing but a damn well glorified toy maker now.” Prying around the back of the creatures furred skull he found the small flap that gave him access to the latch that lifted up a small metal panel. With a click it opened up revealing the circuitry inside.

Of course to anyone else it would have been a mixed array of cluttered wires and small circuits here and there attached on semi-curved motherboards, but to him it was a finely planned out blueprint. Something that could have been so much more.

Connect the dots…” he muttered to himself as he traced out the path of carefully simulated synapses and wiring. It was clear from the first few moments what had gone wrong. The delicate placement of things had been jostled around one too many times and a few connections knocked loose.

S.T.S; Shaken toy syndrome as it was becoming well known. Parents too dimwitted or too free with their money giving a very delicate piece of equipment to a kid whom thought it was just another thing to throw around. Probably to save any small animals from the same, and more violent fate.

At least it was less hassle to have a toy repaired then bloodstains removed. Or worse, those untidily vet bills which priced up with most doctor care nowadays. What with animal ownership becoming less frequent.

Don sighed heavily, expelling his frustrated breath with a grumble of old age. His eyes already aching he dropped down the magnifying attachment connected to his tinted glasses and began to repair the pieces. Tweezers and a tiny soldering iron soon set things right again in the monkey’s head.

Or at least from appearances.

Aaa…ohh… hello…” the voice made him groan and shift as it started back to life. He knew he should have checked to make sure it was turned off. Another stab in his back. The childish pitch and infallible sweetness of it made him sick. It was all so unbearably pathetic.

Go to sleep.” He ordered like an irritated babysitter while making sure the small lights of things glimmering back to life were all green before shutting the small panel and latching it shut.

Sleep?” it mimicked back while the fluid flowed into its fabricated tear ducts and made its overly large eyes wet and realistic.

Yes sleep.” He growled again with a deep threatened sneer as the tail wrapped around one of his wrists playfully. He set the soldering iron and tweezers down as his flipped back the attachment on his glasses. The creature hung off him confused as its little hands explored Don’s fingers. Learning about everything it could and trying to adapt from it. Just as it was programmed to do upon awakening.

Don had run into the start up programming.

He didn’t want to handle this at the moment as he rubbed the bridge of his nose with his free hand. The brown little monkey continued to play with his fingers and then explore up his arm.

Give me a name.”

Not now.”

Notnow. Name accepted.”

Don’s frustration rose a little, irritated at the stupidity of the conversation and plucked the monkey off him. He wanted to slam it on the table, but knew better. If nothing else this small annoyance was worth a fair bit. He set it on the table but even his gentleness might have cost him. The people who paid a great deal to have the pet repaired weren’t going to like the fact its start up had already been initiated. He would have to clear its memory manually.

Fuck I hate monkey’s.” Don grumbled again and leaned back far into his chair hands brushing up through the shaggy brown mop of his hair. He watched it hop around the table, little hands with long fingers grabbing and touching things.

It was an effective use of latex, fake fur and silicone-simulated muscle. Other then its lack of details like fingernails, eyelashes and teeth; it was as close to being natural looking as real monkeys would have been. Except for those overly large eyes and overly expressive facial movements. Then again, it was those features he never wanted anyway.

It was industry that added them, keen on the money and marketing. Not the art of realism or the art of Science, which his ideas and creation seemed to be a mockery of.

Don snatched up the tail, lifting the animal up as it made a squeak. Carefully he grabbed the base of it and twisted sharp. He then pushed upward revealing a small red button on a very startled toy.

He held the monkey under his arm as he pushed and held the button in the base of its tail until the cybernetic creature stopped squirming and a small beep sounded as the monkey turned off. The creature went limp as if all the life has just stopped inside him. Stock dead like it was when it was brought to him. Save for now at the moment its eyes were closed, and all the information gathered had been stored in its little head.

Notnow.” If it didn’t get under his skin so much it might have been a funny thing. His career dwindled down to talking toys that couldn’t even have the intelligence to pick their own names. Or the intelligence at least to separate simple commands from programmed routines.

It needs to think.” He mused to himself in the cluttered repair room. Ten others were staring unblinking at him, all lined up for the daily grind. “That’s where I went wrong. There’s no adaptation, no logic. Just learn, and follow needs and wants.”

He held the little monkey up, staring face to face with him. Don pondered into those closed eyes of his which still leaked a small amount of water at their edges. Something shifted in him.

I could make them better.” Musings slipped around inside the back of his mind. “I could make Another…”

With a brow arched he glanced around, finding his laptop buried among a pile of client information and working blueprints. He plopped the brown monkey down and pulled out the laptop before bringing it to life with a few flicks of buttons. With a few more clicks and keystrokes he was accessing his personal archives of information regarding his cybernetic life work.

It took up two virtual drives, but most of it was simply working notes and thesis. Months of programming code that was backed up at least three times. All this though he wasn’t truly interested in. Instead his fingers flew across the keyboard and he accessed the base files. The finished working mock-ups for the Monkey’s.

With a small grin from Don, it opened with a few bleeps into a complex looking program that even showed the glowing wire form of a monkey in the bottom corner so the codes and actions could be tested.

He leaned back and brushed away a few of the other monkey’s to place his laptop more steadily on the table’s surface instead. He barely noticed one or two topple off his desk into the piles of paperwork scattered around. Gears were turning in his mind as he popped up the stats he had on the synapses and functions of the current model.

His grin spread across his lips as he opened a new project entitled “New life project: Reality.” And then started typing. With his statue audience watching he flicked on the sounds of symphony music, dulled the lights, and worked on creating life once more.

It wasn’t hard building from an already created design; it was the adapting that proved the toughest. Fingers danced across keys as he typed words and words of theory and ideas. A new project, a new design, a new model name. Maven.

The brown little monkey rested in its mechanical sleep beside the laptop as his master wove a whole new basis for a design. A design that would rival all the ‘toys’ that were made before. Something that he could be proud of creating instead of snub and mock everything he stood for.

As the night wore on, more and more the original design was lost into the new and more evolved design around it. It was all still just a design of course. Hours of design but already the small wire model shown on the screen was quite drastically different then the annoying monkey model before it.

This one was almost human. Almost.

Sleek and curved. Soft features that were real, much different then the childish over-exaggerated expression, although they still held some innocent allure. It was tainted with something feral, something real and ethereal. Something that bordered on more dream-like then human, but more human then the small cybernetic audience would ever dream to become.

Even as a wire model made up of pixel blue lines it was more alive to him then when he first saw the monkey’s being created, although he couldn’t place why this new form came to solid and quickly to him. It’s as if he had planned it out for days, weeks. Forever.

Finally he pulled himself away from his mad planning, eyes adjusting from the glow of the laptop. Even with his strained eyesight he could read the blinking red numbers of the small clock above the door. They blinked at him 3am.

The danger of working in a home-like office…” he sighed to himself and rubbed his watered eyes heavy with near sleep. The repairs were done on the 10 monkey’s to be shipped out overseas except for the little brown one, but working on plans and ideas lost him a good three hours of an already dwindled sleep routine. Those unfinished Monkey’s which he had hoped to finish early, would have to wait. He would have to be up at 7am just to get the packing finished.

That little brown Monkey with a name sat apart from the others. It looked like it was simply sleeping there. Curled up in the position he had been dropped. Eyes closed and body still. Don knew he had no time to manually clear the memory of the brown one, then get them all down to packing before they were due to leave.

He sighed knowing he would regret keeping him but didn’t have much choice. With little thought the decision to stash a new brown monkey to go off to the owners of ‘Notnow’ was made, and Don promptly let the concern of it leave his mind.

He lifted himself from the desk and turned the laptop off. The automatic file save already storing the contents of his work into the safety of a small black CD.

The shuffle to the couch in his office wasn’t a long one. About five good steps but it felt like a good half hour passed before he curled up in the confines of the leather sofa. It was soft, imported, and very expensive. Almost rare nowadays as it lacked all the computerized accessories to massage or relax people. Just an old office couch. And at the moment, all it was to him was an overgrown pillow.

Tree Witch: Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16: Samonios

There was a time when things seemed to be going so smoothly. He could close his eyes and see three steps ahead, and be planned and readied for at least the sixth step. But now? It seemed to all be falling away from him. When he closed his eyes he could only growl at wisps of red hair, raven’s feathers, and the unknown. It troubled him.

He perched with one leg curled under him, and the other dangling from the edge of his castle tower window. He barely ever came up here, other then to think deep and solitary thoughts. Normally he preferred the deep cavernous underground of his throne room, or the dark tangled woods of his hunting grounds.

The Goblin King surveyed the tangles of brambles and rocky ledges below him as the wind whipped up and howled around the tower. It was colder now, and the very edges of frost started to creep onto the low ground. He swore he saw a brief hint of frozen rain start to fall from the dark indigo sky. It pattered in the distance with tiny slushy thuds.

Winter was coming. This late fall was a cold one, and it seemed like even nature itself was warning him that time counted down sharply. It did nothing to deter the festivities downstairs, he was certain. It was after-all the start of the Samonios festival. The celebration of death and rebirth – the ancestors and the hidden folk.

He just didn’t feel much like celebrating. Before the mess of the Tree Witch and the Raven’s mocking jeers he would have thought that time could not move quick enough. Now he was terrified he wouldn’t have enough time to accomplish everything. Certainly not flawlessly anyway.

And there were only a few months from the Dumannios Full Moon. How could he bother to take time revelling when things were unravelling on him? His years of plotting, his careful mastering of events – all still hanging in the bitter wind.

Outside in the darkening sky there was a brief flash of lighting. It struck in the distance with a delightful rumble of energy which creaked through his chest and shivered his skin. Breaking through the clouds was a beautiful view of the harvest moon in her brilliant glory.

You mock me.” He jested as he watched the orb pull free from the storm cloud veil. “I allow it, because I must. But it is mocking still the same.”

Do I, my King?” The voice whispered softly. “I merely wish to remind you.. there is still time to give up your quest. There is still time to change.”

He couldn’t help the grin which curled involuntary on his lips. “Still the same song you sing, how pathetic. I would have thought that all this time you would have given up.”

I do not give up easily. As you well know. You know the risks you take… you know the paths it may lead you..”

Indeed. That is the reason I continue.” He rested his head against the cool stone and chuckled. “Imagine everything I can accomplish when the very Throne of the Old Magick is mine? Not just the Courts, that is nothing. Not the minor Thrones or the pitiful political nonsense of the Houses.. but the very Throne of the very fabric of Magick. To be in control of that power, to be immortal and absolute.” He shivered at the very thought, his skin flickering with more goosebumps of anticipation. “To be a very God.”

And you know it is very likely you will die as well, or worse. You know your death waits out there, you have seen that too, my King. You know it is a strong possibility… the fates are too unclear to know which ends you will meet. Perhaps one, yes. Perhaps the wrong one. Perhaps both..”

No matter.” He shifted his legs and stretched both now on the wide window ledge. He stared up with a steady fire burning in his intense eyes. He glared at the only thing which connected him to the disembodied voice which whispered to him. A bright sapphire ring emblazoned on his left hand.

Let them plan and let them gather their strength. Let them even have a false sense of hope if you will. It means nothing! I have seen myself on that Throne.” His sharp teeth glinted in the dark. The candles light of the wall sconce shivered in a quick breeze. Shadows danced along the walls of the sparse room.

I will find them soon enough. You see why I am not afraid of this.. possible fate? I act to prevent it. I act to forge the destiny I wish for myself! That is what true Kings do! I will not be deterred into losing this opportunity… When the time is right I will break apart the night sky and take my proper place. All those who oppose me will be dead or dying before they have the chance to raise one hand against me.”

Who are you trying to convince, my King? There are prices that come to all those who seek power that is above them. Painful prices. Deep prices.”

Prices I have paid!” he snarled, he raised his hand up towards the firelight in order to properly glare at the sapphire ring. It was cloudy but seemed to dully glow in the light. It was inset in ancient silver, long worn with the years. “I have endured my fair share of injustice! It is about time I righted the scales in my favour!”

There was silence as he stood deviant in the empty tower room. He waited a long moment before the grin grew wider but colder as the pale dull light seemed to fade from the ring. There was no rebuttal. There was no sounds of coaxing. He knew when an argument was his.

You see then. I am glad one of us has given up. I think I shall go and join the festivities after all. I feel like celebrating.”

He waved his hand and the light in the room fell away as he took the stairs to the depths below. Each light from the sconce flickering out as he passed like a royal bow. As he descended the long solitary twisting stairs the sounds of music and frolic started to become louder.

Down into the caverns that swallowed up the Goblin castle. Down into the underground courtyards and hidden passages illuminated by strange mushrooms and earthy magick. He would lose his troubled thoughts to a thousand other distractions, and a thousand dreams of what was to come.

While the Goblin King lost himself in distractions, drinking, and mirth somewhere in the night there was a quiet gathering beneath the roof of a small wooden cabin whose roof was warded and strung with a net of charms, amulets knots and rope.

Before the group was a large ornate black lantern that was burning with a thick beeswax candle. The lantern was elegant and strange, formed with curving engravings and sculptures of feathers and ravens. Some of them looked so realistic that the flame of the candle almost made them look as if they were about to burst from the lantern into flight.

I light this every Samonios. Seems to mean more to me right now. Is a.. relic from another life.” He shrugged and stroked the top of the sturdy lantern. “Is enchanted you know. It just keeps burning for as long as you need it to. Had that candle there going for..” he paused and generally seemed to be perplexed. “Well.. not sure how long actually. More then a century I’m sure.”

They were a strange group.

Arzhel and Maeve sat at one end of the table, while Leaven slept in the small bed made for him at the other end of the table. His tiny body had started to heal, but the iron water would take a while to slowly work out of his waterlogged system. It was a spot of luck that Arzhel was even able to save him, and a few times he had nearly slipped away. Greenback, had not left his friends side but was finally sleeping next to him, half propped up on a stool made from a small cloth and a piece of wood.

I watched through my raven’s eyes.” Arzhel said absently while staring at the lanterns flickering light. “Was a good friend to me, that bird. The one I sent to your meeting with the Courts.”

I am sorry he was killed.”

So was I. But he did us some good. Died well too. Made sure the bastards could not defile his body. Anyway..” he cleared his throat and looked away from the lantern. “Point being, I brought it up ’cause he did some good. We know a bit more then we did before. We aint got much, Maeve. But we got some. And there is some time yet. A few months at least from what I learned so far from our friends here and the bird.”

She nodded quietly. “A few months.. then what?”

He shrugged. “Dunno. What I do know is that it is Samonios tonight. A night of rebirth and new beginnings. A night when the light can choose to go out, or burn brighter. Always been my favourite time of year, lass. Always. Can na’ just be coincidence all this happens now. I would say the universe is givin’ us a shot. I would like to think that means something.”

He grinned, stroked his beard absently and rested back against his chair a little more. “I ‘suppose I have a weakness for it you know.”

She looked up into the tangles of ropes and charms as she tried to gather her own thoughts. Here she was sitting with her father, in a cabin of strange magick with two creatures who tried to kill her. Where had things gone so awry?

A weakness for what, exactly?” she mused.

Mad chances and long odds.. sort of my thing. So when do we start your trainin’?”

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