NEW LIFE: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Christian’s files were filled with things. He had a lot of designs on old toys that would go for plenty on the trade market, and a bunch of business related crap that the Technomancer couldn’t be bothered to filter through. He didn’t have anything concrete. No real leads.

He pulled out the finished disk, and then clicked on the scrambler to destroy his tracks. Leaning back he clasped his fingers behind his head and thought.

Vincent Lakiye wanted a Monkey. A specific one he was assured would be quite different from the rest. It was suppose to act different. And be rather beat up from what he was told.

How in hell was he supposed to find one toy in the millions that he knew were out there?

Ethan leaned back farther, staring up into the popcorn ceiling in his apartment. It was stained here and there; the whole place was an utter mess. Just like his life.

He thought he saw it shimmer a moment. Like his balance had slipped. He blinked a few times and let it swim out of his vision.

Gah.” He rubbed his eyes taking off his shades and throwing them onto the makeshift bed to the right. Did his hands shake?

There was an email from Jessica. It beeped onto the screen and with a few clicks it opened up on the monitor.

Technomancer we got some info for you.” He read allowed, words muddled together. “Jax got the tapes from Oakwood offices. The stiffs in uniforms weren’t looking hard enough. You said you were looking for a Monkey right? One of those mechanical toy things like Dana had?”

The message ended there, with the typical tagging attached. “RnD” Read and delete. A standard underground code when it came to communications. A safety measure in order to eliminate electronic paper trails from black market transactions and undesirable behaviors.

Damnit I hope they are right. I got no fucking leads on my own.” He always hated when he needed to rely on other peoples information instead of his own. He always knew one slip up could end him behind confinement walls – or worse.

Tomorrow he would go, check out the east warehouse where Jax’s territory was and see if he could find out what was going on. Until then the night was his. He already sifted through three other employee files and hacked into the stockholders accounts. Nothing there. He had done all he could for the moment. Even going down to the east warehouse at this time of night would prove fruitless.

It was always these times which he needed the Glyph the most. The times when he was completely alone in his little world. The computer was shut off. The black screen reflected back an image of himself.

Vincent had been wrong. He had been trying to quit when he was dragged into the man’s office. He had been trying to quit ever since he got hooked on the stuff.

Bloodshot eyes with darkening bags against a pale canvas. For a moment his features distorted into something vile, something ravenous. He shook the images clear.

He thought he saw Vincent in his reflection. He had to remind himself He didn’t have an intimidating glass desk, or a large ornate black chair. He had simple things, ratty things, but simple.

Reaching under the desk’s drawer, taped to the underside, he found his latest vial of Glyph. It seemed so pristine in the run down apartment. He almost hesitated to carefully twist off the cap.

He didn’t want it. He really didn’t want it, but he needed it. He felt like his mind was starting to go and it made him afraid. Gave him chills along his spine.

It always smelled like rain to him. Some people described it more like a touch of mint, but to him it smelled like a cold rain. Hail maybe?

He didn’t fool himself. It wasn’t the smell that captured his interest. It was that sensation when he tilted his head back and poured the liquid down his throat. It was betrayal to his spirit but it was sweet.

He didn’t want it. He needed it. If he told himself that enough times it may dull the guilt he’d experience after. Or so he hoped.

It only took a moment. Even before it found his throat it started to absorb. Melting into him like cotton candy. Barely allowing for a change of mind or a gag reflex.

The world vibrated for a moment, colors blurring together into bright shifting of energetic mists and flows before his eyes. He could see prismatic auras around every object, feel thoughts drifting through the walls, touch angels.

His body writhed in flickers of pleasure running down his nerves. Pulling and kicking against the threatening tide of madness.

Images flashed in front of his eyes. For a moment he was home, he was three and his mom had just told him scruffy was dead. Then he was in Alberta with Daniel. They made out in the back of her fathers jeep. Then he was places he’d never been. All in an instant. Then all gone with barely a memory.

He couldn’t talk like this; all he could do was gurgle and whine as he felt dropped into a green ocean that swelled with pulses of ecstasy.

It shut off the pain portion of his mind and it felt like he could swim. In his world he was king and this was heaven. He cried inwardly, letting his body jolt and shudder without proper control until finally the first blinding shock left his body.

The buzz dulled but still left him in a dream world of sensation and delusion.

He loved and hated it at the same time. Although his mind wouldn’t allow him to feel guilt, he instead felt submissive. A slave to the drug. A willing, obedient, craving slave.

The Technomancer, flying with colored illusions, slowly stood and shuffled to the mattress on the floor. The world spun around him and he found himself thrown about as if dreaming.

Monkey’s,” he murmured as they danced in his head at the thought. Large eyes which always seemed a touch creepy to him peering out in a metal skull covered in fur. Its tail swung and twisted, changing lengths like a serpent. It would have been almost terrifying if he could feel fear at the moment. The images danced along with his thoughts.

I have to find that monkey.” Fists clenched tightly, he barely recognize the wetness of blood in his palms. He certainly didn’t feel the pain of it.

He would go tomorrow, find the tape and track down what he needed to. Then after this was all over maybe he could find a way to sell some of the Glyph and buy himself treatment. He would certainly miss this high however. That was if it didn’t drive him into madness first.

Then again, as he watched the illusion of the Monkey explode into a thousand bits of binary code and blood which spattered green liquid onto the walls, he figured madness might not be that far off after all.

La-ast ti-ime.” He sputtered as his body quaked and shivered. An empty promise he knew he’d break.


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