To the writers I’ve known…

It can be completely overwhelming when you write. You get so thrilled and so involved in your stories that there is this mad obsession to finish them. The worlds you create can swallow you whole and you practically leak some of your soul into the characters and situations you create. This is a huge thrill, almost like a writing high.

But then the story eventually comes to an end. Characters sometimes die and that carefully crafted world you’ve made goes silent for a while. Once the story is done it gets forgotten. What more can you do with it?

This is something I’ve struggled with, as I’m sure many other writers do.

I’m an artist at heart – I have massive amounts of portraits, illustrations, and whimsical creations I’ve done. But each of them is like a moment in time – it’s easier to let go of because you can always take a glance, remember fondly – then move on. You sell a piece and it goes off to a new home and all is well in the world.

A story? It seems so much more…

I suppose partly it’s because of the amount of time and energy that gets woven into the construction of paragraphs and storytelling. You aren’t just making one illustration, but weaving thousands of images just like the stills on a filmstrip. You don’t draw a world – you build it from the ground up.

On my dusty bookshelf in a corner of my computer hard-drive I have a plenitude of stories set in various worlds I’ve made. For a while they’ve just sat and stewed waiting for me to do something with them.

Oh, of course I pondered with the idea of an actual publishing house (who doesn’t?) but let’s be honest: there are millions of published books out there! More and more being printed and mass produced by the day… and I’m an amateur with a shoe-string budget. I don’t want my little hobbies to get lost in a sea of people with big budgets, big wallets, and mainstream ideas. It’s an oversaturated market.

At the same time it is just a shame to let them all simply fade away, unread and unloved save for little ol’ me.

Hence why I created this blog and made an account over at WattPad. I’ll never be a professional writer – and perhaps I don’t plan on it. The dream is nice, but so is winning the lottery – and no one ever really expects that, do they?

I just want to be able to take some of these stories that I’ve loved and share them with others who may find them someday scattered along the internet. It gives them a chance. Perhaps someone else will find and read them. Maybe they too will have a little love for the characters and places weaved between the words.

I see that I’m not the only one. There are hundreds of other authors around the world who are choosing to share their stories online in the same hopes that others will read them and keep their little worlds alive.

Sure, the pieces aren’t always polished and we all could use a bit more editing – but the thrill of discovering some of the excellent writing by amateurs out there is brilliant!

So THANK YOU, to all you lovely writers and awesome amateur authors who take the time and share a part of yourself with others online. Be it through WordPress here, On any other blog sites, even on places like WattPad and other story sharing sites… thank you.

The Pen truly is mightier.









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