Veilreach: Chapter Eighteen

[ What has that golden-flecked high elf been up to? Hmm… ]

Vesper waited in his office until the small intricate watch in his slender fingers ticked to a certain point. He then tucked it safely into a deep hidden pocket of his charcoal robe. He stood and walked to the door behind his desk and casually wandered through leaving his office behind. Where he emerged however was far from the College grounds.

The hall that stretched before him was carved of black stone and silver metalwork. It’s walls stretched far above his head and the air smelled of charcoal and resin from the massive burning torches. Once the office door closed behind him, it melded and disappeared into the wall.

He twitched his nose slightly, resisting the urge to sneeze as he walked down the corridor and ignored the massive amount of stuffed trophies, mounted kills, and weaponry that adorned the walls in huge cases all around him.

None of it impressed him much. It was nothing he hadn’t been forced to see before.

He passed up door after door along the hallway seemingly made for giants until he reached the end of the hall and the grandest of doors in the room. This one looked as if it had skulls and faces carved into the deep blackened oak wood. Each one staring out at Vesper.

The door was at least eight feet high and excessively heavy. Even for the elf he had to push rather hard to swing it open. It creaked with the sounds of a dozen whimpers when it moved, he was certain it was charmed to do that.

Inside the room was a highly luxurious parlour that looked like someone had copied a royal hunting lodge, but made it on a far larger scale. Plus soaked blood into the carpets and drapery a little here and there.

Sagorath lay there like a huge bloated warthog, half dressed and half drunk. His large dark mottled body splayed out still guzzling from a huge tankard of thick mead. His skin tone was one hard to describe. It either looked like a dark patina iron, or slightly purple hued mud. There were times he even resembled very loose horse feces – but no one had the guts to tell that to his face. No matter what colour his thick skin appeared, he still had the huge mass and ability to crush most people into fleshy puddles.

One of his slave girls, perhaps once a high elf, absently cleaned the carpet that he obviously had messed on earlier while another scantily clad slave was carefully cleaning one of his large black glowing horns. It wasn’t an easy job to clean anything attached to such a large and reckless creature, as the bruises and bandaged skin of her arms could attest to.

Sagorath Menia’Tath was an Infernal. Albeit, not the best specimen of one. In fact Vesper was quite sure he was more like the dim-witted obnoxious cousin in the family of Infernals. However status and bloodlines weren’t much of his concern.

My lord.” Vesper whispered smooth, glancing towards the woman on the floor cleaning the carpet before sneering and looking back at the hulking male instead.

Heh, I always find it amusing how you seem to despise her most of all. What is it that turns you off my little mage? I mean she is an elf, and is quite bountiful.” His large voice sounded as if it were raked over hot coals. It reverberated with a crackle of power which clearly overshadowed everything.

You are allowed whatever pets you wish, lord. They are simply not my type. I find them… boring I suppose. They displease me because they are so pathetic.”

Hrm, perhaps. They have their uses however. How goes the search for the Oracle?”

Things are underway. I have sent the Dean on a retrieval mission. He knows who had it last and I assume he will be able to–”

You sent HIM?” The Infernal jolted forward, unfortunately flinging the girl cleaning his right horn over his head and onto the floor in front of Vesper who held his hands clasped behind his back and did nothing to slow her fall.

Indeed. Why not have him do something useful? It was his mistake that caused the Oracle to be missing from its resting spot.”

But he is a fool! He’s bound to lose it!” His voice boomed louder, spittle and spilled ale speckling the air.

He already has lost it. He will bring it back to us. You know very well I can not do so myself. His over inflated sense of self-preservation will ensure he will get it done.”

After a few loud breathy hisses and being amused at his whimpering slave girl as she untangled herself and limped back to him, he relaxed. His thick frame settled back against the couch and he shrugged.

I should not doubt you too much. You have been one of my most useful assets so far. You are -certain- this Oracle will be what we need?”

Everything hinges on that vial, I assure you.”

Good boy. Keep this up and I may allow you to take a pet for your very own! Then again, I’ve never seen you ‘indulge’ in such things… why is that?” Sagorath downed the rest of his drink while he kept one red glowing eye watching the elf curiously.

It doesn’t interest me. It never really has.” Vesper shrugged.

Please! It is pleasure and power, how can that not interest you? It is basic instinct!” To accent the point, he threw his tankard at the wall and motioned towards his groin. “You should live a little!”

I assure you, one can live perfectly find without those distractions.”

Lonely little spinsters and the ugliest of men I’m sure! But you? I have always liked you little mage, you’ve been useful over the years…”

I do try, my lord.” His voice remained smooth, calm, and relatively sincere.

…and yet you have asked for almost nothing! I’ve had the ugliest of pets and the most deformed of trolls begging me to offer them sex appeal and a hot woman to call their love trophy! Hell, I could call you up the prettiest of male concubines if you wished to swing that way… I can force anyone to love you, and since you are not hard on the eyes, it would be child’s play… you still want nothing?”

Vesper tilted his head and watched the man with a very guarded stare. As if quickly calculating what was the best answer but in the end he went with honesty. “Love is a weakness that the strong mind can not afford to dwell in. As for sex? It bores me more then love.”

You may be my favourite, but you certainly are unusual.” Sagorath chuckled deeply. “Lucky you are so useful, you’ve replaced a lot of the weasel-headed little worms I had before! It’s far more.. quiet. No begging for this and that! It gives me proper time to relax!”

The Infernal shrugged and stretched out once more as one of the women filled his large hand with a fresh new tankard of alcohol. Likely hoping the large brute would drink himself to sleep.

Get that Oracle for me, and you will be heavily rewarded. Once I have it I’ll crush those of my kind that have insulted my worth. We will see how they like being outcasts!”

Vesper nodded and left the room without another word.

He had his own plans to attend to.


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