Free-form Poem: These Ruins

[ Done in the style of Spoken Word Poetry. Maybe one day if I ever get the guts and a proper microphone I’ll actually do a few soundbites of these poems. When I write them I normally go over the wordplay in lyrical style out loud. There is something of a release in being able to pace out the wording physically rather then just running through the pronunciations in your head! They are an excellent way for me to vent or release tension that other writing projects just can’t accommodate, but I don’t have the self-confidence to actually perform them… ]


Inside I’m a ruin. Broken down in crumbled decay.

Overgrown with the torrents of emotional weight –

My foundations have cracked under the strain.

Ravaged by untold years of fighting a losing battle,

With the demons that reside inside of my brain.

The all too familiar cascades of migraines

that hunt me down every god damned day.

It leaves me a shadow of my self-perceived self.

I am a ghost in this shell of something I can not be.

And here I am, haunting these ruins like a King without court –

A Queen of gravel and blood. Dirt and ash.

A soul out of time and sinking fast –

In this crumbling mess I have made.

But I refuse to give up this ragged old ghost,

I’ll shake off the dust and the rust that rattles my chains.

I’ll take these old ruins and make them whole once again-

And I’ll rebuild them over and over if need be.

After all; it’s my throne – be it made of soil or mud –

I’ve earned it in torrents of my own sweat and blood.

Pain can’t take it away from me! It just makes me stronger.

I won’t let these chains of self-doubt hold me down any longer.

My ability to endure past expectations can’t be contained

Like a phoenix I’ll spread my wings out and reignite my flames,

I just need a little fire to lift up the weight of my depression,

To start on the difficult journey of my own type of resurrection,

To light the way in the dark so I can rebuild these crumbled walls.

Stone by stone. Until the ghost in this shell feels whole once again.


Free-form Poetry: Listen to them.

[ Sometimes I vent through free-form poetry. I have been trying to find a way of expressing the fear / frustration / heartbreak over the various gun violence incidents that have occurred in the States recently. I support the Parkland students, and the countless number of victims who have been taken in terrorist shootings, both home-grown and extremist. These are only my opinions and feelings – take them as you will. ]

Listen to them.

It’s hard not to get lost in it. The state of threat, the overwhelming feel of it.
Every day the news blares a new symphony of tragedy.
Painting the daily grind in fresh new blood bleaker then the day before.
It makes you want to run and hide, sink deep inside – screaming out “NO MORE”.
I’m tired of these same stories puncuated with violence and ammunition.
Brother to brother, Sister to sister – we all bleed red, and I’m tired of the stain.
Look, so much pain has to remain the same, because it’s too big for us.
I’m not foolish to think we can just wish it all away,
I’m no superman – we can’t change the world.
But it’s not lost on me that some of those tradgeies are here.
We’re fighting a war on our own soil, that’s bloody clear.
Children have been dying while trying just to get ahead.
Killed by home-grown terrorists even though the news leaves it unsaid.
And trust me that is what they are, no pleasantries need be placed –
A terrorist. It’s a moniker, not a bloody race.
The same weapons used in war used to kill the children that your soldiers die for!
There is so much things in this tragic world that we can not change,
Yet you have the audacity to give more rights to a gun then someones daughter or son –
left to bleed out while you jack off to your jacked up assualt rifle?
I’m sorry to be crass but can you all just stop a moment and think!
I’m Canadian. I don’t have a reason to lecture you about politics.
But what you’re facing is detonation and that’s a lot bigger then you.
Brother to brother, and sister to sister – we all bleed the same.
Out the mouth of your youth comes wisdom they earned in pain.
It’s wisdom bathed in the blood of their friends and the scars they wear.
They don’t want all your bloody guns! They don’t want your prayers!
They want to know that they can go to school and learn without fearing it’s their turn.
They want to be able to hear a bell without suffering an aniexty attack,
Yet you have the audacity to give more rights to a gun then someone’s daughter or son?
How is it that gun regulation is so big and terrifying that it scares you less then that?
How is it such an insane suggestion that some restriction needs to be in place?
When did you trade in your empathy for an assault rifle and a collar stamped ‘NRA’?
My heart hurts because I see the youth of your nation standing up and crying out –
In their utter desperation they are unified.
Trying despertly to end the tide of needless violence in their backyards.
I see them fighting for their lives.
Trying desperately to end the tide of needless violence in their backyards.

Poetry: Queen of the Pride

Lioness; beauty in golden fur,
Calm in the storm of your own power.
Majesty of emerald plains
Prowling in moonlight hours.

Your pride is my family,
Your place is at my throne,
In your eyes I see myself,
In your presence I am home.

Lioness great queen on high,
You are Maiden, Mother and Crone-
You are all things joined in one,
Strength made into flesh and bone.

The sun rises on your back,
The moon rises in your eyes.
Great lioness I call to you,
Be with me at my side.

Share with me my burdens,
Whenever I may feel weak.
Bless me with your strength,
When lost among the sheep.





Poem: Unsaid Explanation

Unsaid Explanation

I love you –

I just can’t take your touch.

Losing my connection.

Lacking the corrections –

To make me what you need.

I want you –

But that’s just not enough.

Not when every part of me,

seems lost to this insanity.

Born without the capacity…

…To open up.

I’m too raw inside these walls.

I’m emotionally a catastrophe.

A creature fearing all intimacy-

And inside I’m all messed up.

I fear you.

You make me crumble.

Pointing out my complications –

Questioning my hesitations.

You make me weak.

Believe me…

When I tell you – I’m sorry.

My heart is self destructive,

I ‘m torn from the reconstruction –

But it’s just not me.

I need you.

I want you to understand.

Your friendship is my salvation,

Your words break the isolation,

You give me light.

I love you.

I want you… to open up.

I fear you.

Believe me… I need you.

Poem: Stranger In My Skin

( I decided to take a bit of a break from the current writing projects I have on here. So for the next few weeks I’m going to post a few random poems until I’m able to get back on track. I hope your 2018 is going well so far! )

Stranger In My Skin

Inside this skin something’s loose,

Lost in the corridors with the deepest roots,

I dare not leave it unrestrained,

Though it swears that it would ease the pain.

I know that beast’s not me.

The thing that lurks behind the walls,

In whispered words with sharpened claws,

Even though it persistently does still call to me.

Am I so different from the world?

Such a plague of misfortunes?

Is my blood not the color of crimson,

But something tainted and diseased?

Why is it then you shun me. Change me.

Break out the shackles and cage me?

Why is it every little thing I do –

Is something I’m not doing for you?

Why is it your love is a broken thing?

Why can’t you feel the touch of another being?

Is it possible that everything you fear in me,

Is what the world around you sees?

The beast grows silent, as do my thoughts.

I lay it down, replace the locks.

Inside my barricades I pull within-

I’m a stranger in my skin.

Poem: Samhain Night

Together we gather in circle cast,

With fire and air, stone and rain –

To honor our dead long since past.

And bring them forth to dance again.

Those who guard over death,

We pay our respects to you all.

Tears and sand, flame and breath.

Let the spirits hear our calls.

It’s time to stir the shadows,

And time to wake those past.

It’s time to summon ancestors

With the magick we have cast.

So come all ye spirits,

While the veil is thin.

Come in peace and healing,

It’s we who invite you in.

Tonight is for you, our honored dead,

Until the night comes to its end.

Then we’ll bid you all farewell.

With peace till we meet again.

Celebrate the time we’ve shared,

But don’t mourn their passage on,

They wait for us in Summerland,

For us to carry on.

Poem: Kryptonite

I have a heart of kryptonite.
And it’s reacting to your pain-
Oh no.. Here we go again.
You the spider, and I the fly.
One of us has got to die –
Damn you, heart of Kryptonite.

Why can’t I just let you go?
It kills me; Although I remain.
Endlessly fighting to restrain –
the demons caught in the afterglow.
The secret scars we’re afraid to show.
Only me and my heart know.


I’d rip you out – if I knew how.
Disconect you and burn it down.
Who needs your endless beating..
Crack me open and leave it bleeding.
It’s just a stupid little heart.
Would we care if we’re apart?

Thump thump.
Thump thump.

Oh my Kryptonite, sweet kryptonite.
With a taste as sharp as poison-
Just when I’m about to give in,
You give me some redemption?
Is that your motivation?
I think I’m going crazy.

I have a heart of kryptonite,
And it’s driving me insane.
It’s the spider, and I’m the fly –
But it seems now that I refuse to die.
Another round of poison please –
While I wait here for my release.